Thanks for visiting Sugar Mist Creations, my new cake decorating blog.

My name is Maria, some call me Mari or Maricel and I am a hardworking and talented individual with a creative background in art, loved to paint as a child, and holding an Associate in Science in Graphic Design, worked as a graphic designer for many years, I decided to step away a bit from the computer to expand my creativity decorating cakes.

I enjoy learning about baking, experimenting different recipes, different frostings, researching baking products online or by others, Decorating a cake can be very rewarding when people say Wow! How did you do that?

I hope you enjoy my blog and the cakes, and not much of a writer so you might find my posts short, I will try to get better at it, will do my best!

Please feel free to share my site and hoping you stay here with me!

Thanks for visiting!

Maria Blanes