Sunday, March 3, 2013

Italian Spaghetti Cake

My local supermarket Publix has been hosting the Italian Month since February and finally I decided to create something i had in mind since a while ago, I saw a spaghetti cake in a Food Network magazine not like this one, I just improved it.

Its a chocolate cake carved into a bowl, covered with fondant and then painted with copper food paint.
then added some leftover decorations.

The rest is all marshmallow fondant, a fondant recipe from Edna de la Cruz, quite a work but the result and the taste is amazing.

The spaghetti was made in a pasta machine, the meatballs are leftovers from the carved cake.

The tomato sauce is smashed strawberries with buttercream with red color added and shredded cheese is the remains of the pasta, cut it up in small pieces.

Basil is gum paste, mozzarella and tomato are marshmallow fondant.
The hardest part of this project was to cut the squares for the board. 

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