Saturday, February 16, 2013

Super Bowl Cake

Super Bowl is a big deal for football fans, specially this one, where two brothers were coaching two different teams.

Im owned by 4 parrots (3 Greencheek conures and 1 Quaker) which led me to make little black ravens with fondant. I tried to win by telling them I was going for the 49ers but no luck. :)

The cake is a two-layer chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling, carved into a football shaped ball, it takes patience and practice to learn how to do it, I used a serrated long knife and then a small one for more detailed cuts.

The cake was covered with chocolate buttercream, then smoothed it out with a small spatula until it looked perfect! well, almost perfect!   Then decorated it with chocolate, white and green buttercream.

When the power went out in the Superdome, we cut the cake and ate it slowly  little by little watched the rest of the game.

It really was good! 

Sorry San Francisco 49ers! I hope you win next year! 
Congrats to Baltimore Ravens for winning the Super Bowl! 

Such an awesome game.

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  1. Muy bonito!!! Tuvo que llevar un buen trabajo eh?
    Lo más importante: ¿quienes se lo comieron? jajaja. Besos!!


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